Re: Shower in the after lazaret

Gaffney, Drew <drew.gaffney@...>

Perhaps like most SM’s, we have two hoses in the cockpit locker.  One is the “shower” which has both hot and cold water.  We use it to clean the cockpit, and take showers, sitting on the aft cabin deck.  It has a typical shower-head and an on-off valve, in addition to the typical shower hot/cold faucet handles in the compartment.  It allows showering midway between the cockpit and the stern lazarette.

We have a second hose for high-pressure seawater washdown.  It has the coiled extension hose with a nozzle.  There is a power switch in the locker which turns on the high-pressure pump mounted on the starboard side of the forward engine-room wall, outboard of the transmission oil reserve.  It reaches from the anchor chain to the stern; getting rid of mud in the former and blood and gore toward the stern while cleaning fish.  Thinking about how we use either of these hoses, I can think of several reasons why we would not want to open the stern lazarette nor have one of two hoses at the stern.  The cockpit and the aft locker drain quickly and easily; not so for the stern.


S/Y Revelation SM390

Lying Rebel Marina, Norfolk VA

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