Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sea Water Manifold Measurement Questions

john martin <symoondog@...>

Dear Gary, As I recall the od of the main pipe is 1-1/2 ,the engine is 1-1/4 od,and the gen set and a/c is 1 inch each. The 2 toilets are 1/2 inch id or 5/8 od. I think thats right. If you make a new one you should make it out of copper nickle which you can't find except in 20 ft. lengths. If you do find a source for it,(small pieces) please let me know. I made mine out of stainlees steel twice. The first welder didn't know you are surpose to blow a special type of gas in the pipe while welding stainless steel for under water use. Lots of luck John

' Moondog' SM 248

From: amelliahona <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Sea Water Manifold Measurement Questions
Date: Mon, 01 Jan 2007 02:08:40 -0000

Happy New Year Everyone.

Does anyboy know the inside hose diameter (ID) or the standpipe
(outside diameter) of each of the outlets from the sea water
manifold that supplies sea water to the AC pump, the toilets,
the anchor washdown pump etc. on the Amel Super
Maramu 2000? As I recall there are 5 outlets of various sizes.

If anybody is aboard at the moment and could advise of the
diffent hose sizes or measure the outlet pipes (OD), I would
appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for all the useful information everyone has
provided over the years,

Again, Happy New Year.

Gary Silver Amel SM 2000 Hull #335
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