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Bill Kinney <greatketch@...>

If the unit being installed is just the GyroPlus, it is only a rate of turn device, and is not a magnetic sensor.  It does not care about the local magnetic environment.  

The primary requirement is that it be mounted within 10 degrees of vertical  and it is recommended that it be at least 20 inches from radio receivers and 9 inches away from any compass to avoid interference with those devices.  So do not plan on installing it right next to your fuxgate compass.

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Hi you need to put the unit away from ferris / metal elements. 
After installing swing the Autohelm compass. The manual will describe how to do it. 

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I have bought a Gyro +, and wonder if it's matter where I put it? I also bought an S3G course computer as a spare and it has the gyro integrated, so therefore I guess a can place the Gyro plus just beside the Autohelm 300 computer. Am I on the right track?

Paul on S/Y Kerpa SM#259


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