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I think that you will find that even though double lip sounds like double the sealing, it is not

On a double lip seal only one lip of a double lip is the fluid sealing lip...and grease is required between the lips. The other lip of a double lip seal is designed to keep solid contaminants out of the sealed area. So, the design does not accomplish what you might think it does and if not installed correctly with grease between the lips, the seal will fail. Additionally, I think that you will find the lips of a double lip seal smaller than a single lip.

Double Lip Seals are the subject of many "boat/marine myth" stories perpetuated by experts at websites like Cruisers Forum and when you research this, stay away from opinions and look for the facts.

The last thing that I will add is that if a double lip seal was better, don't you think that is what Captain Amel would have used? It is always dangerous to attempt to improve on what the Captain did.

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Thanks. That seems counterintuitive--I had assumed that one lip good, two better! The description on the one I fitted was TCI ( I think the T stands for Twin ) " Double Lip with Bi Directional Feature."
Is this what you mean by " One lip in, one lip out"?
I had assumed that the Bi Directional would mean that the seal worked both to keep the sea out and the oil in, but from your comment that wouldn't seem to be beneficial. I will have a look. You live and learn.

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Two lips?? Did you buy a seal with one lip out and one lip in?

If so, that is the cause of your leak. Research this and you will understand.

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