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Managed to use a friends cleaning solution on my membranes. They have 1400 hours on them and were putting out 2240 TDS . !/2 hour alkali, 1/2 hr rinse then 1/2 hr acid and 1/2 hr rinse, rinse in both cases in chlorine free fresh water. I was surprised at how little volume the high pressure pump puts through when merely circulating water at zero pressure. I would judge it at no more than 100 lph.However,put your finger over the output pipe and the pressure built up ok
Having finished the fresh water rinse I then reconnected the hoses and ran at low pressure for an hour and then tried to use the pump in earnest. Nothing happened. Couldnt raise any pressure at all. No hissing noise, nothing.
Thought that it might be an airlock somewhere, this being the season of airlocks on Pen Azen ( see my Volvo airlock emails last month). So I disconnected the in and out pipes on the high pressure pump and ran it , several times. Still nothing. About to deep six the damn thing when I tried sucking through a pipe connected to the output tap on the Dessalator board in the galley. Then ran the pump for about 15 mins at low pressure and then at max pressure. Very gradually the pressure built and after a few false starts ( when the pressure was very uneven and cut out about 5 times) the pump settled down and started to produce at about 35 lph.Ran it for about an hour and then caught the product in 5 litre cans. The first tested at over 2000 TDS but the next 5 tested at 960! A result!It will do till our new membranes arrive ( Argentinian customs permitting). Anyone else had experience of cleaning membranes with cleaning fluid?
Just goes to show what you can do with your time when winds up to 45k keep you on board at anchor for 4 days, in our case directly upwind , 125 metres, from The World and The Rotterdam which have to be two of the worlds largest passenger liners ( The World being privately owned condos). I just know that if we dragged we would sink them both. I cant believe they are a match for an Amel. Better not tell my insurers.
Ushuaia at Xmas has about ten yachts about to leave for Antarctica, including Wanderer 111, the 50 year old , wooden, carvel built , 30 foot boat that used to belong to the Hiscocks and has done about 300,000 miles at sea including 5 circumnavigations. I asked Tees, her German owner ( had her 25 years) how much fuel he has. Well, he explained, in the main tank we have 20 litres.... but on a trip like this we do carry an extra 40 litres in jerries Thats OK then.....
Lent him our sewing machine to patch his old sails ( must be 25 years old tho he does have new ones as well). Makes you rather humble...
Cheers, Ian and Judy, Ashore between gales, Pen Azen, SM 302, Ushuaia, Argentina.

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