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I have too agree the 54 was Amel Yachts at their best and maybe the last true yacht Henry himself approved. The 55 is more modern and arguably the better sailing vessel. The interior seems to fall in line with the treads, instead of leading them. So I guess the question is, is the 55 safe, comfortable and capable in its new configuration. My two cents yes it is. its just new and to those of us who have loved Amel yachts from the beginning it takes some getting use to. But I sailed on one in Sydney and it felt solid and stable. The finish was what we have come to expect and the vibe was of the chart. 
cheers stacey and michelle

On Monday, 21 March 2016, 2:35, "kennetholsen468@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

One thing I find counter-intuitive about the new 55 is the stateroom layout.  I thought the 54 had the perfect layout, with aft owner's cabin and two guest cabins forward.  The Amel 55 has the owners cabin forward, which I have always found unusable in weather.  Can any owner of the 55 advise me on the usability of the owner's cabin in moderate to heavy seas?  I inspected one in Newport and asked the Amel rep about this strange change, and he could only shrug his shoulders implicitly acknowledging the unique choice.  Anyhow, wondering if others have opinions on this.  We are torn between an Amel 54 and 55.  

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