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You say, " it was still three nylon screws intact on the hub."

Was the hub still on the shaft of the bow thruster and the propeller broke off of the hub? I have seen this happen before with a propeller from Amel. But possibly this propeller was from somewhere else.

There was a SM in Gocek which had been owned by a friend of mine from Chile. He sold it to a Turkish guy and it is now in Boston and owned by Bill Maffei. 

Anyway, my friend's son was in the surfboard manufacturing business and made 5 or 6 bow thruster propellers for his father. He had promised me one of those propellers, but when the new owner took possession, he could not find any of the propellers. There may be no connection.

I bought a bow thruster propeller in Gocek, but it is obviously from Amel.

Let me know the color of the propeller that fell apart.

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The hub and propeller was from a common friend in Turkey, Nothing wrong with the hub, but the propeller has obvious gone into pieces, as it was still three nylon screws intact on the hub.

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