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And the batteries on the floor on the 55  the   most dangerous place in case of flooding is that a development or the opposite ? Nothing is perfect but to place the batteries on the floor shows that there is a problem

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The 55 features a massive aft owner's cabin and it has a large number of features that make it more comfortable to live on than a 53.

The 55 is even easier to sail than the 53.

The 55 keeps most of the classic Amel features and introduces several new Amel features.

The 55 does not have every single feature that the old Amels had.  Some have been superseded.  A few mechanical features such as the mechanical fresh water meter, formerly present, may no longer be there.  If this is critical to one, one should consider an older Amel, but this is no reason to deem the 55 unworthy of its legacy.

The 55 is faster and roomier than prior models and features up-to-date available technologies in many areas that are very difficult or not cost-effective to retrofit to older models.

Is the 55 perfect?  No.  The 54 was not perfect.  The 53 was not perfect.  No boat is perfect.  Every boat is a series of compromises.

The 55 is the contemporary version of an Amel.

If we had the money now, we would have a 55.    As it is, we are very happy with our 53.  Someday, we way upgrade.



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