Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Jib furler locking pin


I found your solution to be very creative!  I will own a Amel soon (god willing) and have been following this site learning. This is an expert system of solutions.

I own a machine shop in the Houston Texas area. I have been reluctant to post this offer as I did not want to seem like I was trolling for business.

 With that said, please send me a print, hand drawing, or picture with a scale in it of the head and I will build a 10-12 and have on hand for you or others. Now, nothing is free but I can guarantee the price will be favorable.
 In addition, I am willing to look at any machine projects for AMEL owners. If you have an idea on a tool or a part that would upgrade what you have or make a task easier we can look at that also. Not looking to de-AMEL a boat but enhance.

s/v ????

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