Re: A take on the 55


What is it with bagging of the 55? I remember when the 54 was criticized when it came out and especially after that terrible accident with the gentleman on a halyard on an electric winch.

These boats can be compared in the market place to Discovery, Oyster and Contest etc and it amazes me that they are so much less expensive and more practical. It is apparently a feature of the modern 50ft+ market though that these new boats don't get used as much by ocean sailing couples and many buyers have different priorities, being time poor and likely to do less ocean crossings except with help, and probably have more focus on coastal cruising, comfort, performance and, yes, bling.

I think it is admirable that they have the bravery to introduce new things with new models. Think of the big changes from the Mango to the Super Maramu.

The combined wisdom of the builders and designers, and their huge experience, has to stand for something without people jumping to the conclusion that they are fools.

Just my opinion, I think the Amel 55 is great.

John, Maramu, Popeye

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