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We said and a bit of an early welcome to the group.
We help each other.  This has been a great I need a hand site.
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I hope no one took my own inquiries about the layout of the 55 as derogatory -- I'm in love with Amel and chomping at the bit to land one.  I didn't mean to bring the group down a rabbit hole or anything. 
Just doing my own assessment of pros and cons of 54 v. 55.  I would be in heaven with either.  This is almost a Sophie's Choice -- unfair to have to choose, but chose we must.  

I have never participated in a yahoo group before that displays so much knowledge and passion about their brand.  If there's anything positively clear about the last few days of discussion, it's that everyone who owns their Amel and participated in these threads is loyal and passionate about Amel and protective of its reputation.  I'm extremely impressed by that.   Thank you for jumping on my neophyte questions with such much energy.  I know it is all constructive and well motivated and I certainly do not compare these with with "B" word boats.  I could not live with myself for settling for such a thing.   I only meant to compare layout trends and not build quality, reputation, over-all value, etc.   

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I think before we all run off half-cocked on stories and rumors, about how far Amel has fallen, maybe we should actually look at what Amel says.  This is cut and pasted from their current Amel 55 web brochure (link here:
  • Frame structure in polyurethane omega-foam and plywood, laminated to the hull, as is all the joinery structure (bulkheads, furniture units, lockers, etc.)
  • This system guarantees the highest rigidity of the whole unit and optimises load spread. Compression forces from the masts /rigging are compensated by a structure of support pillars for the masts and chain plate tie-rods laminated to the hull for the rigging.
  • The bulkheads are glued and laminated with the deck. 4 of them are watertight bulkheads with isolation valves.
  • Composite Roving 71 glass fiber/isophtalic resin and balsa sandwich deck moulded by the same process as the hull (the deck is glued and laminated to the hull and the bulkheads).
That very much sounds like their tried and true production techniques to me…  Always remember—half of everything you read on the internet is wrong, and the rest is suspect!

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I am stunned !!
The structural  integrity of the Amel monocoque was one of the main reasons I bought an SM.
I find it hard to believe that they would stop doing this....and especially for reasons of weight.
How much extra weight would be involved...seriously ?
Elsye SM437

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