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I spoke to Maud, Olivier Beaute's assistant at Amel, a couple of
days ago.
Amel After Sales Support has a new E-mail Address: It is
SAV@... (that is: sav AT amel DOT fr) Yahoo will probably
the @ email address.

The Windlass switches can be purchased from Amel at a reasonable
The rubber boot that covers the switch is seperate from the actual
switch. If the switch works but the boot has broken down from UV
exposure or use then just order the rubber boot. Last year I
several extras as this is a consumable that will need to be

Amel can also provide the switches themselves. When replacing the
switch you will need to seal the assembly with RTV.

Regards, Gary Silver

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Hi, Where can one buy replacement switches for the external
mounted on the windlass on the Super Maramu? Anywhere besides
Chantiers Amel? I am in the USA.
Hi Gary, Thank you for that information!

Bill Rahmig

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