Re: Frigoboat Danfoss Compressor Speed - How to change

pepinoamel <no_reply@...>

Hi Bill & all!

I can confirm your experience with the compressor speed.  I've been running my fridge in Summer in the 160L setting and in Winter on 130L, as recommended by a knowledgeable fridge mechanic.  My experience is it works very well and I believe puts a lot less stress on the compressor.

I have another problem somebody might have a solution to or suggestion.  I have the fast and slow fan setting on my fridge, as I believe most SM 2000's have.  A few months ago the slow fan speed setting started to stop the compressor and I get two red flashes for faulty fan.  I've changed the fan, I've changed the switch and I still have the same result.  Has anybody got any idea how to fix this?  In Winter I prefer to run the fan on the slow setting.  According to the Greek Frigoboat agent, the Master unit is not available anymore.


Gerhard Hoffmann

Pepino SM381

Evia, Greece

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