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No personal knowledge here, but I was told by a refrigeration tech that running the Danfos compressors at slower speeds shortened their lifespans because they ran hot longer and the lubricating oil broke down sooner.

One of those things that COULD be true, or could be an urban legend…

From a theoretical perspective a slower running compressor should be a LITTLE more  efficient than a faster running one.  But the real world of the engineer does have a way of interfering with those predictions of the physicist.

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I uploaded at photo at


The photo will show you how to change the compressor speed by moving 1 of the thermostat wires to another terminal.

Supposedly, a slower running compressor is much more efficient. It runs more but does not work as hard and burns about half the amps. It seems to be working for me. I moved the thermostat wire from the terminal marked 200 LITERES to the terminal marked 130 LITERES, which reduced the compressor speed from 3,000 to 2,000RPM. When I made the change the amps reduced by almost half while the fridge was running. It does run more, but seems to perform better and more efficiently.

I believe this may apply to some Santorins and possibly some 54s. If you have the E51600 Frigoboat Power Module, it applies.

I would be interested in the experience of any other folks trying this. On a Super Maramu 2000, the E51600 is visible when you remove the wood kick plate in front of the fridge.


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