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Hi Garry,
yes, in French convention the crossed O means diameter.
this would be:
-air conditioning water pump: diameter 25mm
and so on.
What is not indicated is if she is talking about OD (throughull
hole) or ID (water passage).

Georges Pellegrini

On Jan 11, 2007, at 2:33 PM, amelliahona wrote:

Hi everyone: I called Amel and spoke to Maud about the
measurements of the outlets from the sea water manifold.
She spoke with Olivier, who is in Germany at the moment,
setting up for some sort of boat show there. Below is
the info forwarded. I am not familiar with the syntax of
the measurements and the units aren't specified but I
assume they are millimeters. Can anyone verify that
this is how you show millimeters in France.

Maud wrote:
"Further to your request, you will find here
under the inside diameter for each of the 5 sea water
outlets from the sea water manifold:

1. Air conditioning water pump : Ø 25
2. Forward toilet water pump: Ø 20
3. Aft toilet water pump: Ø 20
4. Watermaker feed water pump: Ø 20
5. Anchor washdown pump water: Ø 25"

Regards, Gary Silver

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