Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Boat battery charging using 220 VAC 60 Hz.


Hi Vladimir.
On my SM243, there are two shore power cables.  The smaller diameter one is for 220V 50A shore power.  The larger dia one is for 120V 30A shore power.
When using 220 in USA, you will need a 220V 50A plug.  It has connections for 4 wires.  You will connect the brown and blue wires on shore power cord to red and black terminals in the plug.  The yellow/green wire is connected to the ground terminal.  The white terminal is not used.  Most chargers will work on either 50 or 60Hz shore power, but check your manual or look it up on line to make sure.

When using 120V 30A shore power, there is a 110->220VAC Transformer in the engine room.  On Kristy, it is on the shelf above and forward of the generator.  On Kristy there is a 110VAC circuit breaker on a box on the forward engine room bulkhead.  Also on that box is a plug and two receptacles.  To use 110V shore power, the plug has to be inserted in the 110VAC receptacle.  On Kristy it is labeled (in French) something like "transformateur".  The one for 220VAC shore power is labeled "sur le quai" or similar.

Do NOT use your Washer/Dryer, Dishwasher, or Microwave when on 60Hz shore power!  Even if you have a DC->AC inverter, when on shore power the 60Hz is passed through the inverter.

Hope that helps.

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Very soon I will sail my new Amel-Super-Maramu 2000 home to Annapolis from Caribbean.
I want to maintain battary charge on my boat using power hookups on my marina.
I have a portable transformer and I can increase voltage from 110 to 220 VAC, but it still going to be 60  Hz. Do you know if the battery charger will work at 220 VAC 60 Hz? Did somebody tried this?

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