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I was not going to comment for fear that I would piss somebody off. OK, I changed my mind.

Regarding an aluminum copy of an Amel bow thruster propeller, why? I really want to understand.

Aluminum and saltwater?

I can imagine corrosion (aluminum oxide) building between the hub and prop causing it to get stuck and not fit a new hub.

I can imagine blades bending and biting too much water.

Don't you think Henri Amel considered aluminum?

You know I have helped a number of owners with a pre-purchase inspection. If I saw an aluminum propeller on an Amel, all sorts of "red flags" would pop up to me. I would tell the prospective owner/buyer that probably the current owner has no respect for Amel.

And, simply why? Especially since the original propeller is available from Amel.

So, if I pissed anyone off, I apologize...hopefully I was also able to deliver a "message" to others.

Amel boats, their systems, and components are well conceived and well built. Wanna-bee nautical engineers who want to out-smart Captain Amel will certainly fail the majority of the time.

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I'm interested, which side of the Atlantic are you on

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