Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Boat battery charging using 220 VAC 60 Hz.

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If you do not have a transformer as Kent described, and if you have the original Dolphin battery charger, and if you wire the shore power connection correctly for 220VAC 60htz, your original Dolphin battery charger will work fine.

You will need 220VAC 60htz service and an American 220VAC connector...AND, MOST IMPORTANTLY wire it correctly. Several years ago I posted photos in the photo section of how to wire the connector.

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Very soon I will sail my new Amel-Super-Maramu 2000 home to Annapolis from Caribbean.
I want to maintain battary charge on my boat using power hookups on my marina.
I have a portable transformer and I can increase voltage from 110 to 220 VAC, but it still going to be 60  Hz. Do you know if the battery charger will work at 220 VAC 60 Hz? Did somebody tried this?


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