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Are you sure  the the battary are the ded. You should have a warning  beeps and blinking light when the battery voltage goes down.  Can it be a board or electrical contact problem?

On Mar 25, 2016 12:27 PM, "Vladimir Sonsev" <sonsev52@...> wrote:

Sorry for your trouble.

I don't know a good way but this is what would do:

Battary may accumulate some charge if you stop trying to open the safe. Some heat from a hear dryer can help. Give them a day or two if you can.

If you can't find a better way you can try to provide power extetnally as follows: dril a hole through the door to the battary. That is 49 mm from the right side of the door. In the center vertically. Drill a hole .375 -.5" dia. Push in the battery inside and try to  fish out wiring that goes to the batteries.  If you get the leeds provide power 3v to the battery leads.

Later on you can seal the hole or hols in the door.

That is long shot but it may work.

My internet connection will be out in 2 hour. I will not be able to help.


On Mar 25, 2016 11:39 AM, "eljaroellinghoff@... [amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

does anyone have any information whether and how it is possible to open the safe without a key and without battery?
The Castle has different rake and now also the batteries are empty.
By the previous owner, I have unfortunately no key.

Sy Balu
SM 222

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