Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Access to mizzen topping lift bungee 1988 Maramu

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I am going to guess that a late model Maramu is the same as a SM.

The mast side end of the bungee is secured to a fitting (like a hook) under the boom, near the mast. Look under, and you should see it.

The boom end side of the bungee is tied to the rope part of the boom lift. Untie the knot and pull the line free of the block on the end of the wire topping lift.

The rest of the job is fairly straight forward. Use a piece of line on the mast end so you don't loose the bitter end. You will probably have to do this job twice because you won't get it tight enough the first time. When complete, you shoul be able to lift the boom 60CM and the bungee keep the lift line tight. Consider this when doing the will still probably do it twice. Use two 10mm bungees for the main.

Everyone, these bungees have a life of about 6 years. It is always better to replace before failure and 10mm bungee is very cheap.

BeBe 387

On Mar 27, 2016 13:41, "Graham Cresswell grahamjcresswell@... [amelyachtowners]" <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Does anyone have a diagram to help me get access to my Maramu's mizzen
topping lift bungee. It's gone very slack and the boom now strikes the
stern crane unless it's sheeted right in. It looks like you have to get
inside the boom to do anything but as far as I can see the only access
would be by removing the mizzen outhaul track. Is that what you have to do?

Graham Cresswell
currently in Port St Charles, Barbados

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