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You blame Amel for being slow. I read your order email to Amel that you posted in your Facebook rant about Amel, and could not understand what you wanted. You even said in your email, "...maybe I want..." and used American slang for nautical terms...and sent no photos.

Send me an email of what you want, and I will write an email for you including photos.

Our previous boat was a Beneteau. Our very close friend has an Oyster. Neither of those companies knows the specific parts included in a build 1 year old and you criticize Amel because they cannot read your mind on what you "maybe" want on a 28 year old boat, when you cannot accurately describe the part and you do not include a photo.

Send me an email and I will write your order, "maybe."

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Having to find somebody who was there 25 years ago to figure out what parts were originally fited to a boat sounds...well...seems to me that there ought to be a better way for our benefit and Amels.

I wish i was at the boat and i could take pictures.  A picture database would be great for ordering parts.  Maybe i'll have my team in india put something together.  

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