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antonio scipioni

Good Morning,
Yes Bill, in my installation there is nothing !! No thru-hull fixed to the portside, only the tube inserted into the hull and sealed (taped) with a lot of silicon and sikaflex.
Probably this happens when the previous owner changed the engine in 2007 BUT the work was followed from VOLVO dealer in Canet en Roussillon !!???!!  I don't know IF this is original concept or so on....but is so far from my safety idea.
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So there IS a thru-hull fitting, in the standard installation, it is just made of fiberglass.  Nothing wrong with that. Its a good system.

The original poster needs to understand what to look for.  IF he is wrong in his description and the fiberglass insert is missing he has a problem.  

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This is standard on the santorin and not a pproblem .Ive monitored ours for the last 10 yearsits still the original hose.25years old. As its Supported by a fibreglass sleeve on the inside add the fact that there is no metal reduces corosion and possible damage due to a bang. AMEL ENGINEERING..

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