Mastervolt 24/100-3 suddenly not charging

Dominique Guenot

S/V Viva #374

Currently in Panama, eager to cross the canal and continue its journey toward the South Pacific


The batteries are charging normally with the engine and holding the charges so I excluded a battery problem.

The AC input has been checked and is correct as well, so I excluded an input problem. 

The charger starts properly with ramping up the amp, then in less than 2 min and still in bulk mode the amp declined to 0 and 32.9 V (!?) on the LCD screen. 

Mastervolt  contacted through a dealer gave me a testing procedure which confirms the charger is not working. I am currently waiting to hear back from them about my options.

Hence my questions to this group: 

1-It seems there is no way to reset the charger or to repair on the boat. The only option is to send back to factory with no guaranteed results and certain delays. Is that normal? 

2-An Amel electrician contractor advised me to switch to Victron vs. Mastervolt. However this group seems pretty happy with Mastervolt. So what do you think? 

3-My Mastervolt is looking pretty - I am guessing it is 5 years old. Usage is very moderate at sea, more  constant on shore power - float mode. Is that an expected life span for a charger? 

4-Finally I have currently no charging redundancy. Should I plan one and which charging capacity? 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience

Dominique Guenot

S/V Viva

Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

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