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David Wallace

We have a Maramu and have sailed quite a bit with good friends who have a Santorin. The Maramu has more interior storage space due to the layout but the Santorin has a huge "rear garage". The Santorin does indeed appear to be faster than the Maramu, probably because the Maramu is 14T while the Santorin is quite a bit lighter.

s/v Air Ops
Maramu 104

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Amel Santorin wanted
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I often thought which would be the best.
I prefer Santorin as well, because it's newer, it seems like Super
Maramu, it has the new C transmission from Amel, and it should be
also a little bit faster. But in my understanding, also from some
people at Chantier Amel, it seems that Maramu is slower but more
indicated for long cruise. I don't know very well but I think that
both are very good.


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Do you think it is better a Maramu? Why?


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Hi I am looking to buy an Amel Santorin preferably in the
Mediterranean and wondered if anyone knows of one for sale.
why are you looking for a Santorin and not for a Maramu?

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