Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] installation of dive compressor

joseph mc donnell

 Nice set up Alexandre with the Co

Nice set up with the compressor Alexandre,  But for my 2p worth of 30 years as a sports diver and several as a police  diver, the only time I tended to be nervous was when filling cylinders, in the thousands over the years.From worrying about getting rid of the heat build up in the compressor and cylinders, and I was usually working in a cold environment  in Ireland, to  the bleeding and watching the system when filling.
As these compressors are light a position on deck for filling would allow a better flow of air to be pushed through by the fan to cool the compressor. Parts and service of compressors tend to be expensive. Considering the cost would an initial expendature on say 4 cylinders and filling them at dive shops where ever you are, be a better option for the first year.. Regards Joe

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