A Little Drive Train Help, please


We are currently in USVI, trying to get back to Chesapeake Bay.

I had noticed a loud thumping noise, most noticeable in the pilot berth companionway, seemingly coming from the region of the prop. I dove on the boat, and found a one centimeter wide, 60 cm long hard rubber strip that had wound once around the prop shaft. I removed it, and thought the problem was solved.

However, the noise did not go away. It is not noticeable below 1,600 RPM, but becomes very loud at 1,800. It is a thumping type noise, roughly 3 to 5 times second at 1,800 RPM. Looking at the prop spinning, it looks good. It is clean. The blades spin freely (original AutoProp H6, I think), and do not seem to have excess play in them. The C-drive oil is not milky. The Volvo engine seems and sounds OK.

We are stuck, afraid to put to sea with this problem. Will probably haul out and look. Does anyone have any ideas?


Tom Peacock

SM Aletes #240

Red Hook, USVI

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