Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Wind vane self steering and wind generator gear for Santorin or SM

Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>


We have a Hydrovane on our Santorin Sloop which we have been very happy with.

A key point is that Hydrovane already have a design for a Santorin which takes the shaft down through the lower step which means that you don't have to lean right out to make adjustments to the vane and there is more security for the instalation. It also means that it can be mounted slightly off centre so that we can still use the after steps and passerelle. The other advantage is that there is no ropes ect going across the cockpit. We have our control lines fixed at the aft end of the cockpit and the lines can be demounted and stowed on the windvane when not in use - eg. no clutter! We used it on an Atlantic crossing with no problems at all.

Do contact us if you need more details.


Robin Cooter
Belouga Santorin 004

jonathan681684 <> wrote:
Does anyone have a recommendation for the type of Wind Vane self
steering to fit on a Santorin or SM. From what I have read I prefer the
Hydrovane, but it is expensive vs the Monitor. Any thoughts on the
ability of the Hydrovane's rudder to contol the boat vs the Monitors
use of the boats rudder, especially downwind with strong winds ?

Also does anyone have a recommendation for wind generators, and whether
to fit it high on the mizzen or on a dedicated pole far aft ?

John Stonier, Santorin Allegra

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