Hydraulic Shaft Brake Actuator Overhaul Parts

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

I have a slight weep of hydraulic fluid coming from around the end disc of the hydraulic shaft brake actuator (the end that has the adjusting bolt on it).  I am guessing it just needs a new o-ring but I haven't started the process yet.  Functionally it is fine.  

Anyone have a diagram of the internal workings of the actuator and more specifically specifications for the internal o-rings, gaskets, or other parts.  Anyone know if Amel has a "kit" with applicable replacement parts?  

[I see that Kimberlite attempted to post a diagram but can't find it.  Eric, if you have it and could email it to me at garysilver at mac dot com   I would appreciate it.]


Gary S. Silver

s/v Liahona   Amel SM #335

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