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We did this one time while loading onto the deck of a cargo ship in 2011.

We had to either disconnect the Tradic Stay between the mizzen and Main Mast, or find a solution so that the cables did not touch the Triadic Stay.

We chose to avoid the Triatic by tilting the boat:
We used 3 large shacles, connected in series on the two Port side lifting points and one shackle on Starboard. This gave us a tilt to Port when we lifted.

We disconnected the Main Sail Boom topping lift and the the Main Sail Backstay.

We connected 12 meter cables (approximately) to each shackle on Starboard, and to last of of the series of shakles on Port. The other end of each of these cables was connected to a single shackle on the crane cable.

When we lifted the boat, it tilted to Port enough that the Triadic Stay was clear of the crane cable. I am fairly certain that each of the lifting points were connected inside the liferail.

This is not a simple job and I believe it requires a team of 6-8 people who completely understand the task. The shackles and cables need to be certified to lift the weight. Care needs to be taken because the cables and shackles are heavy and may swing in the wind or when the crane moves. As they are being moved into place each cable should be controlled by one person. He should control it with a line attached to the shakle until it is low enough to handle directly. Hardhats and heavy gloves are a minimum for each of the team. Also, on the deck, there should be the person directing the crane operator and all of the crew. At minimum, there should be one extra person on deck to assist with shakle attachment.

I would NOT RECEMMEND doing this job without all of the things I mentioned above plus a very experienced Loadmaster to oversee the entire operation.

If I had to do it over, I would disconnect the Triadic Stay to eliminate the complexity of what we did by tilting the boat.

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Hi all,

I am planning to get hauled out with a mobile crane using the Amel lifting plates.  The Amel instruction book recommends a minimum of 6m straps and an extra shackle for the straps on the side away from the crane to avoid the triadic stay.  I plan to use 20m steel straps so the crane hook is way over the triadic stay and the boat can be  lifted  evenly.  Has anybody had experience using this method?


Gerhard Hoffmann

Pepino SM381

Evia, Greece

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