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My problem was that the brake would not hold the disk.

I also changed the brake pads.

Yes the fluid is in the end closest to the brake pads. The spring should be dry.

The O rings are off the shelf rings.

I would just remove the unit and bring it to a place that sells o rings and replace them all. That is what I did.

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Ah Ha!  Found it.  It looks like all the seals/o-rings are on the plunger end and that there is no seal on the end cap where the adjusting bolt goes.  In fact, based on that diagram, there should be no hydraulic fluid in the cavity with the spring.  Do you concur?  I'll try to figure out what the following seals or O-rings means:


porteurs 2.5 X 5

porteurs 62/20X2.5X5.6

CSC 20X26X5.5

EVCO RSE  74X65/4X8


What were the symptoms of your system that warranted your changing the spring?

Did Amel have a kit of seals/O-rings?


Thanks Eric.  Sorry to have not seen the page 2. 





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