Re: Hauling SM with Lifting Plates

Craig Briggs

Hi Gerhard,

We've not tried the extra shackle method, although it sounds good. The only kerfuffle I see might be leveling the boat onto the jack stands or cradle, as it will be leaning to one side, although the crane operator should be able to unload the weight onto the keel and allow the high side cables to slacken as the boat levels out.  

We've simply undone the lower ends of the triactic, backstay and boomlift each time. By slacking the mizzen backstays the triactic tension is released and you can just scoot up the mizzen and pop the tiractic clevis pin - take a messenger line so you can pull it back up later.

One time the yard used a spreader bar, as Richard recommended - their's was actually an X shaped steel assemblage about the width of our beam. It is an excellent technique and the cables can be much shorter (the 6m length recommended by Amel is to create a "nice" angle to the lifting hook so the cable load is less). 

The yard we used also had "soft cables" - a hi-tech rope inside a soft woven cover - which eliminated concern about steel cables scratching the railing. Other times steel cables straight up to the crane hook were used. In either case, as the crane hook is lifted and the cables straighten out, it becomes readily apparent whether the lead should be inside or outside of the rail and you can easily change it if necessary.  

I find this method far superior than the usual travel lift straps - especially for relaunch as your fresh $$$ bottom paint doesn't get smooshed. Plus, on lifting from the water you don't have to worry about someone getting a strap placed in the wrong position, crushing a thru-hull fitting, transducer, or worse.  I'm working on getting a yard to use cables on their travel lift instead of slings, but so far they "don't get it" - old dogs and new tricks.

Have fun with it,
Craig Briggs, Sangaris SN68

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Hi all,

I am planning to get hauled out with a mobile crane using the Amel lifting plates.  The Amel instruction book recommends a minimum of 6m straps and an extra shackle for the straps on the side away from the crane to avoid the triadic stay.  I plan to use 20m steel straps so the crane hook is way over the triadic stay and the boat can be  lifted  evenly.  Has anybody had experience using this method?


Gerhard Hoffmann

Pepino SM381

Evia, Greece

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