Motor Run Capacitor Specifications

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Hello All:  

Since we don't seem to have a specific answer as to the correct size of the run capacitor on the BP pump of the watermaker, I have done a little research.  If we know the voltage, the amp draw under load or the motor horsepower, there is a formula to calculate the microfarad rating.  Alternatively one can place different size capacitors and measure motor operating temperature under load with the lowest temperature being the goal and signaling the correct size capacitor, theoretically.  

That said, if someone is aboard their boat and can turn on their watermaker and tell me what the amperage draw is with just the BP pump running (i.e. when you first turn on the watermaker before the high pressure pump starts) that would help settle this issue.  

Also, I did finally find a source for capacitors here in the USA with a stud mount and wire leads.

http colon // store.eurtonelectric dot com

Eurton Electric Online Store

 Not sure how that will come across on yahoo.

Getting closer to the answer. Thanks to anyone who can verify the current draw of the BP pump motor.

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