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James Alton

   I am looking to buy an Amel but have not yet decided on which model yet.  The Super Maramu is very tempting but the size, transportability and mast height all make the 46' models more practical.  I own an inland yard in Florida where I would like to do the refit and there is one fixed bridge to the marina and then overhead wire considerations for the hydraulic trailer ride to my shop.  On this note if anyone might know the total vertical dimension of the SM it would be helpful.  I have looked at the Maramu and like it a lot. The workmanship, the thought put into the design and construction really impressed me.  I like the lines of the Santorin and the transom design would certainly be a nice feature.  I was originally thinking of going with the basic Maramu without a thruster, c drive and the in mast furling.  The input I am getting from experienced owners is that the retractable thrusters are well worth the complexity and maitenance required so I am rethinking all of this.  As a Sanotrin owner could you give me some input on how your boat differs from the Maramu?  Does the Santorini have the more modern underwater lines that the AM does?


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thanks JP, we also changed now the engine and transmission mounts, engine vibrations are gone, but the vibration of the propellor is still there if we are "sailing fast", but now it starts when sailing more than ~ 7,3 knots, below that no vibrations. when these vibrations start we put in the reverse gear to avoid the propellor spinning. we will not takle any more action on that.

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