FW: Super Maramu dimensions


Hello Amel owners. Here are some dimensions we can use regarding the Super Maramu.




Shipping dimensions on a Amel 53 Super Maramu of any year of manufacture are as follows. Boat level and standing on the bottom of the keel.


14’11”/Top of the dodger

14’5”/Top of the bow pulpit

12’10”/Top of hard dodger base with dodger removed

12’5”/Top of bow roller with life rails removed

3’1”/Widest part of the keel

57’6”/ Main mast length without antennae

43’4”/Mizzen mast length

15’1”/Vessel beam max-measured


In my 35 years plus of selling Amel boats, I have been responsible for shipping quite a few SM 53 by truck in North America and by ship worldwide. In most cases I oversaw or actually took the boat out of commission with disassembly at the starting point and recommissioning at the arrival destination. My first advice is DON’T! It is a big job. You must have full faith in the firm moving the boat and they must be absolutely certain of the quality of maintenance and the dimensional characteristics of their equipment. I once had a truck driver chase me around a shipyard with a pistol because I refused to put my clients boat on his poorly kept trailer. Really. Turned out he was diabetic and his blood sugar was giving him fits. He took some insulin and then spent three days correcting the faults I brought to his attention regarding his rig. He did a first class job delivering the boat across the United States from Fort Lauderdale to Seattle. He later did other work for me until he retired.

Life as a yacht broker is seldom boring.


All measurements provided by Chantier Amel in January of  1993. I have relied on these figures faithfully but I cannot absolutely guarantee their perfect accuracy. But having worked closely with Amel for more than three decades, I would bet that they are right on the money.


I have a document from Amel, faxed on September of 1995, that was drawn by Jacques Carteau, the technical manager of Amel at that time and Captain Amel’s right hand man. It represents the main mast height with full fuel and water and 2240LBS. of gear aboard as follows:


63’4”/height above water to the top of the mast

64’1”/height to the top of the masthead light

64’4”/height to the top of the Brooks and Gatehouse wind instrument assembly

67’6”/height to the top of the Amel provided VHF antennae


Same caution about accuracy applies but I have used these figures without incident but cannot be held responsible if they are not spot on. I live in the USA. We have more lawyers than engineers over here and they all gotta eat.


I hope this is helpful.


All The Best, Joel  



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