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Andrew & Kate Lamb

Hi Gerhard


As I mentioned this was for a pre-purchase survey so I left the previous owner to arrange the lift out with the normal team that he had used in the past. It was a quick lift out, inspection by the surveyor then lift back in again. The Triatic stay was not removed, neither were the backstay and topping lift. I do not believe that extra shackles were used – I have added a couple of extra photos to the same album that shows the shackles on the starboard side also.


Hope this helps





SM 472




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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the picture.  You used much shorter strops than I plan to use.  Did you have to remove the triadic stay?  In the picture it appears that you left the main backstay and topping lift in place.  Is that so?  Did you put extra shackles on one side?


Many thanks.


Gerhard Hoffmann

Pepino SM381

Evia, Greece

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