Re: boat preparation for summer in trinidad

Ian Park

We had various opinions last year in Peakes. In the end we took all the sails off. Two had the leaches replaced and we had a new Genoa made at Ullman's Sails. Very pleased!

Get some cheap grease and grease all the stands and chains to stop ants getting up to the boat. The guys at Peakes will tell you this anyway. We put everything else away. Sealed all entry holes to the mizzen boom and hull openings by stuffing them with plastic bags. We had a container with de humidifier granules in the galley. Once a month we paid a boat boy to open the boat for a day, change the granules and wash the boat down. We just lifted the bunk cushions up and wedged the lee boards under for air circulation. We had no problems at all with condensation or mould. The Santorin is a very dry and well insulated hull.
One issue. In the engine room there were small piles of rust below the engine room vent hoses (they are still the originals with wire reinforcement. Where there was a little rust - the engine mounts etc there was evidence of a little more, and the shaft alternator had seized up a little. So this year I am going to spray anything showing any sign of rust with corrosionX and spray the alternators with WD 40. Unless anyone out there can suggest a better alternative..
We definitely avoided installing air conditioning units or electric dehumidifier so.

The monthly boat boy was worth it. Peace of mind with monthly emails. The yard has a list of approved staff.

Good luck


Ocean Hobo. SN96

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