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Roger Banks <roger.banks@...>

Hi John & Anne

Thanks for the response. When we bought Zorba the vanity had been
removed in order to widen the bed, which made the cabin quite
unusable in the sense of room to move around, access storage and put
stuff down on a surface. I've paid good money to have a mattress made
to original size, piece together the rescued remains of the vanity,
and side cushions re-made to fit around the side between it and the
mattress and it's looking very pretty compared to what we had before.
So we use the vanity to put down our cup of tea (on a mat of course)
and alarm clock, and we push our soft travel bags right underneath
while placing our shoes of various kinds immediately below. For me,
having yearned to have it back and having just achieved that aim, I
couldn't see the advantage of installing a chest of drawers.

Whatever you do carry out for your own convenience, may I suggest you
leave open the option for future owners of restoring to original. As
you have No 1, maybe it should be as original as possible. Amels are
such fine boats, nutty buyers like me don't necessarily appreciate
people's efforts to improve the layout, especially when a saw is
involved. It's your boat though. Good luck.

Regards, Roger, Mango 28, Zorba

On 29/01/2007, at 3:45 AM, anniemno1 wrote:


The vanity is the kneehole desk with mirror and stool.

John and anne
Annie M
Mango #1

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