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Kent Robertson

Hi Alex,
I'm pretty sure there's an output fan, too.  I believe it is in the forward/port corner of the engine room.

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Good morning,

May be I am a control freak, but when using the engine or genset I monitor the temperature of the engine compartment via a wireless temperature sensor.

I rarely use the engine for more than an hour at the time (mostly to leave and come back to a marina), but in a few occasions had to motor for 10 or more hours.
The temperature in the engine room, will gradually increase; when it reaches 47*C I open the engine hatch (sea condition permitting obviously) for 1/2 hour to cool it down to 45*C and so on.
“My” reason to do this is because of component from the generator melting at 50*C.

Note: the “suction” (intake) 24 Volt Jabsco 35440-0010 250 CFM Blower Fan is working (starts when engine is ON).

Is there may be an air intake our outtake that could be partially blocked?
Is there another fan I am forgetting about?

Other note: when using the Generator, it rarely goes over 46*C after 2.5 hour use (its fan is also working).

Sincerely, Alexandre
Private Slip, Marina Puerto Bahia, Samana, Dominican Republic

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