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The engine room fan that operates when the propulsion diesel is running runs off the 24 volt alternator. Fire up your Yanmar and check the voltage then. It has been my experience that the 24 volt DC extractor fails well before the 220 volt extractor that is run from the Onan when it is producing 220 volts. Non scientific opinion but pretty much proven by my experiences.

Hope your extractor fan fires up on 24 volts!


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Looking at the owner manual, I just saw the engine, in addition to the intake fan, has also an extraction fan FASCO 24 Volt 2807-513-122 --- 93004-2815

Engine on, I noted it was not working and likely the cause of the warmer engine room.

With a Volt Meter I checked current was going to it and it did: measured 13 Volt.
It seems normal as the owner manual says so…

Does someone know why this “24 Volt” FASCO 2807-513-122 --- 93004-2815 is connected to a 12 volt connection?

Bill? Anyone?

Sincerely, Alexandre
Private Slip, Marina Puerto Bahia, Samana, Dominican Republic

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Engine room temperature and cooling
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Date: Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 10:54 AM

Good morning,

May be I am a control freak, but when using the engine or
genset I monitor the temperature of the engine compartment
via a wireless temperature sensor. 

I rarely use the engine for more than an hour at the time
(mostly to leave and come back to a marina), but in a few
occasions had to motor for 10 or more hours.
The temperature in the engine room, will gradually increase;
when it reaches 47*C I open the engine hatch (sea condition
permitting obviously) for 1/2 hour to cool it down to 45*C
and so on. 
“My” reason to do this is because of component from the
generator melting at 50*C. 

Note:  the “suction” (intake) 24 Volt Jabsco
35440-0010 250 CFM Blower Fan is working (starts when engine
is ON). 

Is there may be an air intake our outtake that could be
partially blocked? 
Is there another fan I am forgetting about? 

Other note: when using the Generator, it rarely goes over
46*C after 2.5 hour use (its fan is also working).

Sincerely, Alexandre
Private Slip, Marina Puerto Bahia, Samana, Dominican

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