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I don't have info on the Mango, But I have a Maramu for sale and I do
have the specs available for this. Bill Klein

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Hello, everyone, my name is Howard Berger. I'm new to the
group. My
wife Lynda and I haved looked at a Maramu 46 (the best open
I've ever seen in a boat) which we're considering purchasing, but
just become aware that Amel also produced this model as
a "48.5". The
Amel site only lists the specs for the 46.

Could someone please tell me what the differences are between the
I assume they added length in the ends, but did they increase the
beam as well?

Best regards,
Hello, again.

Sorry for the confusion in the Subject line. I meant Maraumu, not
Mango. And looking through prior posts, it appears that the 46 and
the 48 are the same size (13.8 meters).

I wonder where the "48" moniker came from. Possibly LOA, including
bow rollers.

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