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James Alton


   I am very impressed with Michel.  He seems to be very honest, easy to talk to and to the point.  I felt comfortable enough to wire him $$ without any actual paperwork at the time which is not something I would normally do but he is one of those people that you just know it’s ok.   If things do not work out with Sueno for some reason I will definitely have him look for another boat for me.  

  Could you tell me more about the psychology behind the design that you mentioned?  

  I believe that I recall a post recently that talked about backing a SM down a narrow canal in South Florida with barely a foot of clearance on each side using the bow thruster to illustrate the capabilities but don’t recall who posted it.  I do like the concept of keeping a boat simple but the research that I did convinced me that the Amel BT is worthy of the additional maintenance.  As a part of my research I  came across an amazing story of how the Amel BT likely saved a SM  (and possibly the crew) that had gone up on an exposed reef in gale force winds.  The story if anyone is interested is available on You Tube.  I am not clear on whether links are allowed so just search You Tube with “SV Delos Copenhagen”.  Then choose the 3rd video (#3) in that group and advance to time stamp 8:18.  

   Thanks for passing along Michel’s tip to you about retaining control of the bow until alongside, noted.   Sueno will be the first vessel I have owned which had a bow thruster.  Am I correct that the Maramu bow thruster will be 12v and considerably less powerful than the SM?  I wonder if they share the same components..  As to trusting the Amel bits,  I probably should mention that I have worked on so many poorly designed boats that required modifications and upgrading to even function that this is an all new concept for me.  It was however the genius that I saw in the Amel  that I inspected along with the workmanship that drew me in originally and it does seem logical to extend that to the Amel “bits” that I am not familiar with.  Nothing would make me happier than to find that the design in all areas was so well thought out that only maintenance was required.  

All the best to you Trevor and I hope that you can find what you are looking for.




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          I have dealt with Michel Charpentier on two occasions. He is simply straight as a die and a pleasure to do business with.
If I were lucky enough to be looking for another Amel it would be Joel in the USA and Michel in Europe with Oliver as the surveyor, that way you minimise you risk. 
With the purchase of a boat through Michel or Joel, they will give you a number days training to instruct you in not only the practical workings of Amel, but equally the psychology behind the design.
Your recent concerns regarding bow thrusters  being a case in point, properly maintained they are excellent. I am surprised that no one mention that the Super Maramu is designed to be maneuvered stern to when docking using the bow thruster, Michel told me that on my first day and it was simple ever since,just NEVER hand over the bow warp until you are along side.
Good luck with your search, the bits built by Amel will not let you down, as ever, the more that you can reduce the moving parts, the more time you will have for sailing.
I am only sorry that Amel no longer build smaller boats, it has been a real pain trying to find a worthy replacement for my SM.
Fair winds,
Trevor Lusty
Former owner Seafever of Cuan
SM 425

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