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James Alton


  I believe that you are right on all counts.


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I do not know about the Maramu hull#220 but I do know that if you are with Michel Charpentier, you are in good hands. He is the most knowledgeable broker in Europe with regard to Amel boats, and, most importantly he is a man of great integrity.


Good luck with your purchase,


Jean Boucharlat

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Hello again,


   I just found out that the Maramu that I am planning to purchase is hull #220.





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I am in the process of purchasing the 1987 Maramu listed on Yacht World named “Sueno” currently located in Italy. I have not seen the vessel in person as of yet but plan to do so soon. I was hoping that someone here might know the boat and know something about her history. I am aware that she has been sitting for at least 2 years and will need a lot of service work but I am told that there are not any major issues. The listing agent is Mr. Michel Charpentier in St. Raphael, France. My email is Lokiyawl@... in case anyone would prefer to respond via email. 

I want to thank all of the members that helped me by giving me input on the various Amel models, especially the Maramu. Also for all of the great information on the Amel bow thruster which this particular boat has.  

I contacted Amel btw regarding the regular servicing of the bow thruster and was given a rough labour estimate of 3 hours to change seals and oil which aligns very well with Joel’s estimate that was recently posted. I am very excited about the prospects of soon being an Amel owner and know that I have a lot to learn about the Amel’s, feel free to help enlighten me.




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