mast painting


After some research with the help of Maude from AMEL and AkzoNobel and many others I found the color which was used for the mast painting of my Sharki (Nirvana mast): The color is AWL GRIP G8479 Amel beige.

It is not in the normal range of colors, but International Yaacht Painting a branch of AkzoNobel mixed it for me.
I ordered 3 U.S. Quarts (nearly 3 L) together with the right amount of hardener: 3 cans of the topcoat converter H3002 (AWL-CAT #3), because it is a two component system. First I wanted to lie down the two masts and get them painted on the hard, but than I decided to leave the masts upright and only change the rigging with the masts upright. And I will only repaint the oxidized parts of the aluminium, which means I had ordered too much paint.

If somebody is interested I will sell two new unused cans Amel beige (each 1  U.S. Quart) together with the second component AWL-CAT #3. I think 90 EUR is a fair price (I paid 400 EUR), plus the shipping costs. My email is: inusbusch ett

BTW: The new rigging I got from ACMO, and they did an excellent job. A very good and uncomplicated partner.

Sharki #135

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