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   The hardener will have a relatively short shelf life of a year or so but I have used Awlgrip paint that was 10+ years old with no problems, just use a fine strainer to filter out any tiny bits that don’t mix back in.  If you think that you will eventually be refinishing your spars maybe it would be worth holding on to.  Store it in a cool place such as a basement and the life will be extended further.

   If the sale completes as hoped, I will needing standing rigging for Sueno.  Thanks for the tip on  ACMO.



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After some research with the help of Maude from AMEL and AkzoNobel and many others I found the color which was used for the mast painting of my Sharki (Nirvana mast): The color is AWL GRIP G8479 Amel beige. 

It is not in the normal range of colors, but International Yaacht Painting a branch of AkzoNobel mixed it for me.
I ordered 3 U.S. Quarts (nearly 3 L) together with the right amount of hardener: 3 cans of the topcoat converter H3002 (AWL-CAT #3), because it is a two component system. First I wanted to lie down the two masts and get them pain ted on the hard, but than I decided to leave the masts upright and only change the rigging with the masts upright. And I will only repaint the oxidized parts of the aluminium, which means I had ordered too much paint. 

If somebody is interested I will sell two new unused cans Amel beige (each 1  U.S. Quart) together with the second component AWL-CAT #3. I think 90 EUR is a fair price (I paid 400 EUR), plus the shipping costs. My email is: inusbusch ett

BTW: The new rigging I got from ACMO, and they did an excellent job. A very good and uncomplicated partner.

Sharki #135

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