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Mike Ondra

Hi Pat,

In doing this with the boat in the water I presume one cannot move the c-drive. It would seem the engine needs to be separated from the c-drive (I want to replace the coupler donuts anyway). How is the engine frame moved given that the c-drive frame is mounted to the engine frame?


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Mike, I have been wondering what you determined was the problem. I thought you would find it to be a motor mount. I just replaced mine last fall , with those mounts and it greatly reduced the vibration. I would suggest that you also replace the bolts that secure the mounts to the stringers. I found the threads a little degraded. I saw no reason to separate the engine from the frame and shifted the engine and frame aft still connected , no problems. I placed a 4x4 across the boat resting next to the winches and used a come along to slightly raise the engine. I placed the 4x4 slightly aft of the lifting point to induce the engine to swing aft and then forward to induce moving forward . You will need some blocks to rest the engine on while you replace the mounts. See ya back on the Bay.

Good Luck,

Pat SM Shenanigans

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After completing our passage of 1500nm including 130 hrs with a knocking in the auxiliary system except at a sweet spot at 1450RPM, we’ve identified the culprit in the starboard aft motor mount. Apparently severed.

The Vetus type Mitsteun appears to be the exact part but the description seems to indicate application for a smaller engine. Reads as follows; “This hydro-damper is a combination of a conventional rubber-metal damper and a hydraulic shock absorber. Especially for engines with 1, 2 or 3 cylinders, producing many horizontal and vertical movements, the VETUS hydro-damper is an absolute sensation: the reduction of vibration and noise is truly staggering. The maximum static load per support is 60 kg and the maximum thrust per support is 50 kg. In other words: dependent on gearbox ratio, number of revolutions, propeller diameter etc., these mountings are suitable for en gines of up to 18 - 26 kW (25 - 35 HP).”

The TMD22 weighs around 220KG but these 4 mounts also support the steel frame and some of the c-drive. The spacing of the mounts fore and aft would seem to put more load on the forward mounts than the aft.

Anyway, while the HP rating on the mounts seems light, the fact that they are original equipment would indicate they are proper. Available from Defender for $185 ea.

I am just looking for confirmation that this is the right part.


Mike Ondra

ALETES SM#240, Rock Hall, MD

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