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I believe that the C Drive wear bushing and seals should be changed every 2 years or 800 hours and that you should service the bow thruster at the same time. There are procedures in the Files section of this Yahoo Group. One of the C Drive Service files was recently placed there by me. It is the Amel procedure in French and English. Download and print all of the files that you find on C Drive and Bow Thruster Service...there are several.

I do not know which propeller you have, but now is the time to service it.

Check the bonding systems by using an ohm meter to check for continuity between rudder zinc's and propeller. If no continuity, you have a problem that needs to be traced before launching. If you are not familiar with the Amel bonding system and have no continuity, you will need an electrician.

You should take this opportunity to grease your toilet thruhull valves from outside the boat. Use a grease gun with waterproof grease and with about a 200-250mm hose. With the thruhull valve closed, one person outside the boat pushes the hose until it touches the valve, pumps some grease. The other person opens the valve. The outside person pushes the hose in another 50mm and pumps more grease. The inside person opens and closes the valve many times. You may need to repeat this several times to get the valve completely greased. Don't do this for input lines...only do this for output lines. The reason is that you do not want to be sucking grease into systems.

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Thanks a lot, so I take it as draining means taking off the prop and the oil will flow out right?

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