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Hi Ben:

We have hauled out at Spice Island Marine yard 4 times.  Always had a good experience.  Our first time there was the second year the yard was open and one year before hurricane Ivan (thank goodness) the Cat 4 hurricane that destroyed all the boats in the yard and 80% of the structures on Grenada. It pushed the jacks stands through the hulls of the boats and layer them all down.  There were major improvements in the yard after that with better anchors, better positioning in a chevron pattern, and better drainage etc.  I can highly recommend the yard to you. There are laundry facilities on sight, and the Budget Marine store is in the yard as well as canvas and sail shops etc.  

As an aside, we stayed in the Cool Runnings apartments while hauling and re-commissioning.  It is about a 2 block walk from the yard.  Basic but priced right with AC, kitchenette, and comfortable beds.  Clean and secure with guard.  Small breakfast/lunch restaurant on site.  Managed by: 

Ramesh Masilamani, M.A
Administrative Manager
Sinclair Enterprises Limited
# 22, Cool Running Apartments
P. O. Box 1530
Dusty Highway, True Blue
St. George's, GRENADA
Tel:         (473) 440-1276
Tel/Fax:  (473) 440-8549
Mobile:  (473) 415-2901/4077


I can recommend this for 2 to 3 people. 

All the best to you and Gayle.

Gary S Silver
s/v Liahona    Amel SM #335  
Slip 1423  Puerto Del Rey  ,  Puerto Rico


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