Bow thruster


Dear group,

referring to a topic some time ago about the bow thruster - if it is leaking, how to prevent water getting into the boat ...
My experience with SM2K #436, built 2004:
In the last 5 years and about 30.000nm we changed the seals for the lifting shaft once - no problems ever since.
In normal conditions the through-hull for the lifting shaft is well above the water line.
And: in case water gets through the lifting shaft seals, Amel designed the thruster housing to drain into the main sump, as the "sump" of the bow
thruster has a draining hose (like the anchor chain locker and the condensate
outlet (not to be mixed up with the seawater outlet) of the forward airconditioning unit.
Presuming everything is in good working order, no water will get into the forward cabin and there is no need to close the forward watertight bulkhead.
All draining hoses have seperate valves, all valves are connected to the bonding system.

Kind regards,
Noa, SM2K 436

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