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Since your hull number is near mine and I did this job on the aft toilet a few months ago, I can tell you a couple things.

The part is available, and it comes with all of the parts, nuts, washers, bolts, etc. that you need to do the job.

The base bolts screw into a stainless steel plate which is epoxied under the fiberglass floor.

I believe that you might find at least one of the bolts difficult to remove. If I remember correctly, there are three bolts holding the base that you have to the floor. The easiest thing to do might be to use a dremmel to cut off the plastic tabs on the base that the bolts go through, then remove the toilet. Use plenty of penetrating oil and let it sit overnight. Using a socket wrench move the bolts forward and backward until they ease and can be unscrewed. Assemble the toilet and macerator pump on the new base before installing the toilet back on the floor...this will be the easiest way to install that macerator pump and align its O ring.

Mark "Cream Puff" had a problem and broke a bolt...had to drill and retap.

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The base of the toilet of my forward head is cracked.
I would like to replace it but it seems to be through bolted and
I do not see any access. Does anyone know how to access the bolts or are they
set in some material to hold them in place?
Fair Winds


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