Sad news from the Pcific Puddle Jump


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I have tried to post this to the Amel forum, but for some reason it doesn't post. Could you post it for me? I'm sure people would want to know!

Bill Kinney

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Hello All,

Got this email from the Pacific Puddle Jump this morning.  It is all I know.  Sounds like everyone is OK, but a sad time for Bruce and crew...

Puddle Jumpers,

We're sorry to inform you that one of our fleet was lost on a reef in the Tuamotus Tuesday night.

According to captain Bruce Moroney, at 8 pm the Alaska-based Amel 53 Morning Dove was motoring from Apataki Atoll to Rangiroa, when the boat struck something beneath the surface, which turned out to be a portion of reef.

It was a dark, moonless night, with no wind and light seas. Bruce says he was monitoring his chart plotter and radar at the time. 

As the boat listed over and was pushed farther inshore by surf, the crew activated their EPIRB and put out a mayday via SSB and VHF. They had spent time previously preparing for such an emergency, including assigning each crew specific tasks. Wisely, they stayed with the boat while awaiting rescue, rather than deploying their liferaft.

At 2 a.m. the four crew on board were hoisted to safety within a French Navy helicopter, and were taken to Rangiroa. They flew to Papeete yesterday and are now on their way home.
We wish Bruce and his crew the best of luck in whatever comes next. 

-- Pacific Puddle Jump event staff

Bill Kinney
Harmonie, SM160
Port Canaveral, Florida

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